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replica_1990 [userpic]

As the Nine Inch Nails said...

March 5th, 2010 (01:04 pm)

current mood: drained

Please don't think this an "Emo" entry, I just really need to write something down because if I don't I might actually go crazy.

I don't enjoy spending all this time alone. Every morning it's the same thing; get up, do a bit of exercise, shower, apply for jobs then spend the rest of the afternoon just sitting around, maybe playing some games. Even that is now starting to get boring.

The days blur together and when someone says "God I can't wait for the weekend!" I think "What's the difference? I'm just going to do the same thing I do every other day." This gives me even less respect for benefit junkies who just sit around on their ass all day not even trying to find a job. I spend at least 3 hours a day job hunting, sometimes going out into town and looking, sometimes going through the papers and S1 Jobs. But I'm still doing it.

If I had uni more than once a week I probably wouldn't be so bored. But I don't, so I am. Helpful that.

Like I said, I'm not enjoying spending every afternoon alone but at the same time I don't really want to see certain people. That would take effort, I'd have to wear something presentable and I'd need to make conversation when I just don't have the energy.

I'm really looking forward to graduating and then going on Holiday to Portugal. I'm looking forward to something different.

replica_1990 [userpic]

Everyday is exactly the same...

February 3rd, 2010 (10:09 am)

current location: My flat in the west end
current mood: blank
current song: The Wright Stuff on 5

Ok so christmas is over, life has gone back to normal and we've passed by January. I haven't bothered to update this in ages because to be honest i've really had nothing to talk about!

So i'll give you a summary of what is going on in my life at the moment:

I'm unemployed and looking for something more professional.

I'm still with Paul and we're still very happy together. He turned 26 yesterday.

My Dad had a heart attack 2 weeks ago and this event has given me a shock to the system and we've been making an effort to try and re-establish a relationship. We're going out for lunch today.

I'm going to Portugal in June for a family holiday (paul is being dragged along)

I recently got a new laptop with my saas money. It was really the only oppertunity i'd have to do it.

I'm still working on my fitness, hey, I have the time to do it now.

I've been living in the West end for almost a year now....weird!

And....yup that's about it. When my life becomes more interesting i'll be sure to let you know


replica_1990 [userpic]

It's been awhile.....

December 8th, 2009 (08:17 am)

current mood: tired

God it's been ages since I updated this thing 0_o

Not really a lot to report either. Working in HMV for Xmas which is going well, here's hoping I get kept on cause I like Money!

Been made Xecutive Order's EU Xbox General. So that means I get to oversee our practices and I'm all moddy on the forums. Roll on the new 2010 gaming season!

Still with Paul. No plans for that to change ^_^

Xmas tree is up :D cat is loving it.

Always tired, i'd basically kill for a day off :(

No rest for the wicked!

replica_1990 [userpic]

I hate September....

September 8th, 2009 (02:28 pm)

current mood: depressed

September is an awkward month don't you think? Nothing amazing really happens in September, nothing to really plan for or look forward to other than the impending shit weather that Autumn and Winter will bring (Hey at least Scotland can get those months bang on the money right?)

I mean in October you have Halloween to plan for and then after that the Christmas thing suddenly pops up everywhere. Maybe I would feel different if I had a better full time job or even a full time job that allowed me to live a little instead of just paying my bills but I don't so I shall continue to moan. Unless something changes drastically in my circumstances, I am unimpressed with September.

Although there is one thing that I'm looking forward to - On the 19th of September it's Paul and I's one year anniversary. Maybe that can be my "September" thing?

Not a lot going on with me at the moment. Just back from Sunny Portugal and I'm now constantly freezing. Seriously. Was a little blue since I came back from Portugal on the Saturday night to discover than Paul had to go to England for 4 days on the Sunday morning. Was unimpressed but apparently his Mum and Dad gave him little choice in the matter. Balls.


replica_1990 [userpic]

Who knew there were 48 hours in a day...

June 8th, 2009 (10:45 am)

current mood: bitchy

I suddenly have even less respect for Benefit spongers.

It's been 2 weeks since I finished Uni and it's also been 2 weeks of relentless job hunting, sitting around watching TV box sets and generally sitting alone in my flat. Kim goes to work. Paul goes to work. Lindsay stays home.

Originally I had all these great plans for this time, that while those two were at work I would be a domestic goddess and keep the flat nice and tidy. I'd bake or cook nice things for them coming home and I'd go jogging every morning (Wii fit counts...it just does)

Sadly things have not worked this way. It did for the first week but as my mood has gone south I find myself lethargic, bored and sitting on the PC all day. Every day. I'm aware I could have people round but the sad fact is I don't WANT people round. People means I'd need to look presentable and so would my home and that takes effort that I just don't have.

I have however been spamming the cinema a lot with my unlimited card. I knew that would come into its element when I had too much free time.

I did have a fun weekend. Ended up going out to the Classic Grand with folk, Sarah and Ruth staying at mine after. It was fun but God I was suffering on Sunday. My manager Ruth was being a complete bitch the whole weekend. Seriously, Ruth, You're a sales manager in House of Fraser Glasgow, when it comes down to it you make no difference to the world around you SO shut up, fuck off and leave me in peace (Has everyone seen Wanted where he smashes his keyboard off a guys face? God If only!!)

replica_1990 [userpic]

Done and Dusted

May 26th, 2009 (11:37 am)

current mood: dorky

It's all over!


Done and Dusted!

The Fat Lady has Sung!

yup my exams are all finished and i'm registered for graduation, Class of 2009. Who would have thought I'd actually get to university, let alone graduating it. There you go kids, i'm a living example that you can still achieve something by putting in minimal effort!

So i'm now looking for a full time big person job. I have an interview for the Department of Work and Pensions (The benefits office to you and me) for a full time graduate post there which would be just great! Well paid, monday to friday job that will let me do some stuff and save up a bit. That's this Sunday (I know right? I was confused about Sunday too) and I hope it goes well. I'd like to keep my sitting on my ass time to a minimal.

No idea when I get my exam results but I hope its soon. I hate waiting for anything and since I'm anxious about these exams i'd like to see how I did asap. I already know I have one re-sit to do in the summer but the main thing is I'd like to keep it to the one re-sit. One I can deal with.

So other than job hunting i'm being a big Dork. I've finally got time to catch up on all my sci-fi/comic/game related fandoms. It's been fun-ish...I get bored easily....

replica_1990 [userpic]

Breaking the bubble

May 14th, 2009 (08:40 am)

current mood: anxious

So after two exams uni will be all over and done with. It's a shame actually because I never paused to really enjoy the student thing. I spent too much of my time hating it. I'm really ready to move into a full time job and think about what I actually want to do with myself.

For now though I'll settle with passing my last two exams. I personally don't see it happening but all I can do is cram like i've never crammed before and pray!  I'm looking for any kind of decent full time job for now, just to tide me over and pay off some things while I think about an actual career path. Obviously I want to do something I enjoy and that gives me a decent standard of living but for now I have plans this year that involve a full time wage.

I'm going on holiday with Sarah and want to have some serious spending money, I would like to afford to get a new (Or almost new) car. Also later on this year my Flat mate Kim is thinking of Moving out to live with her Boyfriend Barry. Obviously I want to stay in the same flat, I love this flat! Really what I would want it to have the money to refurnish the flat and really make it Paul and I's and just generally to give me a decent standard of living and not be sitting going "Oh I can't buy that magazine, it's a bit too expensive" or "I'll give the cinema a miss tonight, i'm a bit skint" etc

But still....exams first!

replica_1990 [userpic]


April 17th, 2009 (10:26 am)

current mood: drained
current song: Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron and Wine

This is annoying.

I seem to have fallen back into a state of what can only be described as complete and utter indifference. Like I really am having a hard time caring about anything.

All I want to do is sit around, I don't go running anymore, I don't want to cook, I can't even be bothered cleaning or tidying. I don't know why, I just...can't be bothered. Uni work as well! The only reason I did my websites was because Paul sat me down and forced me to finish them (Still not finished tbh)

Normally this happens because of a mixture of two things: SAD and Boredom. So if I've not been getting enough happy happy sunshine and if I've been stuck in the same routine for too long.

Sounds about right.

However, the issue at the moment is that I can't fix it until i'm out of this hell I call University. I HATE being a student, I fucking hate it! Too much free time for a degree that I don't enjoy. So because I can only work part time at the moment, i'm pretty much stuck in this routine until the end of may.

Sitting out the window can only do so much.

I need a jump start...

replica_1990 [userpic]

The trouble with book to film adaptations...

April 9th, 2009 (10:00 am)

current mood: cheerful

So I recently read Twilight...and I totally loved it (I know I know, I read out of spite to prove I would hate it then got sucked in a finished it in 23 hours) I loved everything about it, it's a very well written series and I can see why people love it so much.


I just saw the film the other night....Needless to say, I'm a little disappointed. The characters all look nothing like how they were described, throwing me off completely when I'm trying to place them. Tyler is a completely different colour! Alice does not have "Cropped, pixie like hair", Emmet does not have blond shaggy hair while Jasper does. There were only one or two characters that looked exactly the way I pictured them.

I know that it is a completely personal thing and that is the great thing about books in that you can have you're own ideas about what things look like and sound like.

Mind you...James is hot. Really really hot. I'd hit that.

replica_1990 [userpic]

Work Lindasy Work!!!

April 1st, 2009 (02:27 pm)

current mood: bouncy

"NO!" my mind screams "I don't want to work today!"

and so I probably won't, since it's half done and I have til the 10th to hand it in. I even arranged a lunch date to get out of working but then my mind caught up with me.

So not a lot really going on with me other than finishing off Uni work, applying for full time jobs and living in Partick. Been away from home for about a month now and I can honestly say i've not been homesick once. I think I had gotten to a stage where I was really ready to leave home and that my mother and I were really getting in each others hair. That house really isn't big enough for two adults living in it. (Well...maybe a couple but certainly not a 21 year old student and her mother)

I feel now that we have time apart that we get on better, because I only now see my mum when I'm in a good mood and happy to face the world, freshly showered and slapped with make-up. Mum has also sad that even though she is missing me she is enjoying spreading her things around and that the house is really hers now (Not to mention she has double the wardrobe space.)

Fending for myself isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, even though I still get the "If i lived at home i'd have an extra £250 a month" resentment but it passes quickly. Some people also mentioned that I might find it hard living with my other half for the first time and especially since it was my first time away from home.

Not the case.

I love it. It's strangly reassuring to know that at some point in the day i'll see him. There's none of this "So when will I see you next?" or "Are you coming over to mine tonight or tomorrow?" It actually does just make things easier. I think it helps that we're both quite laid back about the whole thing and we don't see it as a big scary "Step". It was just natural progression really.

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